Monday, 5 May 2014

Submission of IH Assignment

Dear S1-05,

I received news from Mr Aurelius Yeo that all of you submitted the IH assignments late. From my understanding, your assignment is supposed to be due on 4 May (Sun), 2359h.

After much discussion with Mr Yeo, you are given up to TODAY, 1600h.

I do not expect any late submission, especially when Mr Yeo gave instructions to the whole class last week.


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  2. Dear S1-05,

    I am forced to extend the deadline to 4pm today due to claims made by students that Wayne said "Mr Yeo allowed everyone to submit the work on Monday so that they can improve on their work". As of just now, I was still receiving email to ask to defer the deadline to 7pm and even 2359hrs.

    Rightfully, I am unable to extend the deadline as officially all of you were supposed to have handed in on Wed and this is not supposed to drag to Sunday to allow such miscommunication.

    Please be informed that I need to mark all these work just like any other common tests that you are taking and all your marks will need to be keyed into the system for your report books.

    Do submit your files in the following format into your Integrated Humanities folder in the following format:

    Register No. IH Journal.iba (e.g. 26 IH Journal.iba)
    Register No. IH Reflection.mp4 or Register No. IH Reflection.m4v (e.g. 26 IH Reflection.mp4 or 26 IH Reflection.m4v)