Thursday, 30 January 2014

Think, An Important Key Life Process


As the (short) holiday draws near, reflect on these few weeks you are in SST.

1. What have I done right / wrong in class? Are my actions necessary?
2. How can I improve myself?
3. Have I fully understood all my subject matters?
4. Am I capable of outperforming myself? 
5. What do I hope to achieve by the end of Term 1?

And look at the picture below. Have you done what is required?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Chinese New Year Celebration @ SST

Please take note of the following.

  1. Bring your LDs tomorrow.
  2. Please proceed to ISH at 9 AM to collect mandarin oranges. [Abel, Ryan]
  3. Bring all necessary materials for making of CNY cards. Discuss within your own groups .The cards are to be HANDMADE, NOT done online. Therefore bring your designer kit along if you left it at home.

Homework for 29 Jan 2014

Homework: Transport in Humans
MCQ: 7,8,9,10
Section B: Q4,
Section C: Q1

To be handed in to Science Rep on CNY Eve. Science Rep please put into Mr Ng’s pigeon-hole outside the staffroom

Homework (to be completed by 4th Feb):
Watch Video on Food Test (posted on blog)
Nutrients – Worksheet Activity 3 (Page 11-12, instructions posted on blog)


Viva Voce Practice

This is a practice of the upcoming alternative assessment task (Term 1 Week X). Deadline for submission is on 7 February, 23 59 h.

We are going to do this Practice as Homework so that you have an idea how the assessment is going be like, and at the same time to iron out any potential technical issues.
Based on feedback from your seniors, this practice is going to be very helpful in preparing you for the alternative assessment.

The task is COMPULSORY, and you are to submit your work via the GoogleForm at the end of this page.

Topic: Number systems

Objective of Task: 
To demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and calculations through clear articulation and presentation of problem solving.

Instructions (I):
  • This is an individual task. Complete the viva voce practice on your own.
  • This is a reinforcement of similar questions based on the topic covered in class.
  • It will also help you to seek and articulate your understanding of concepts as you attempt to explain your approach and solution to the problem.
  • You should not take more than 1 hour to complete the entire task.

For this practice, you will need to record your work and upload on YouTube.

  • Explain how you will convert the number 91 from a decimal system to a binary system.
  • Explain how you will perform the simple arithmetic operation “91 minus 8” in binary.
 Instructions (II):
  • Research on how to count in binary system using the digits “0” and “1”.
  • Explain briefly, in your own words, on how a binary system works. You may choose to use any visualization tools to help explain yourself.
  • Work out and explain the solution clearly. You may choose to write it out, or use various software like Numbers to write your own script.
  • Do not simply read out the lines of the working. Instead, inform the audience: 
1.     how you identify the key information
2.     why you choose a particular method to solve the problem
3.     explain how the method works

    These are the notes Mr Desmond gave us during class.

    Tuesday, 28 January 2014

    These are the notes teacher wrote during maths

    Math homework:

    Do page 42 questions 1 and 2. These are for people without whatsapp.
    Due to the agreement by most classmates, a class funding will be created after chinese new year. Each person can give at least a dollar to 3 dollars. There will be no submission date and there will be no limit to the amount of times you can give the class funds. I will be putting a box near the homework boxes for money collection. I will make sure the money in the box is collected during the break or the end of school. The class funds will also be kept in my locker.
    Homework for 28 jan

    -chinese cinderella (S.T.E.A.L)
    - Test Correction (Wed 7.40)
    Dear students,

    I am unwell today. Please work on this:

    Now that you have learnt about the S.T.E.A.L framework, you will create two characters in any story setting you choose. The two characters are:

    (1)The foolish cat
    (2)The nosey neighbour

    You will present your work on foolscap paper and hand it in to the EL rep at the end of the lesson.

    -check the blog

    correction for spelling and xi zi

    Monday, 27 January 2014

    Class funds:

    I have decided to set up class funding if we need money for decorations , if we need to pay if anyone breaks anything etc. I have discussed with the class executive committee and now i will ask you to vote yes or no for a class funding.
    Homework for 27 Jan

    -worksheet sheet (the Act 4, 5 )
    (not the MCQ one)

    -chinese cinderella (S.T.E.A.L)
    - Test Correction
    - Report to seminar Room (located next to the Lecture Theatre)

    -活动本 Pg 1 to 3

    Please take note (English)

    Dear students, We'll be combining classes on Tuesday. Here are the details: Time: 8.55a.m. Venue: Seminar Room (located next to the Lecture Theatre) Materials required: Learning Device Please be there on time and settle down quickly. Thank you. Best regards, Ms Alex

    Saturday, 25 January 2014

    Another way is (if you are too lazy to do Marcus way)

    How to post slides on the science blog

    Hey guys,
    The following steps are how to post your slides on the Science Blog

    Note:You can't upload JPEG files onto blogger (not that I am aware off)

    Step1. Export your  "keynote" to JPEG file
               Go to file ,click export as JPEG
               (The tabs are already highlighted in silver

    Click onto your choice settings for your PDF file when prompted too ,then click next 

    Step 2 .You should get a PDF file somewhere on your desktop or folder your presentation is in 

    Step 3 Open the file and screenshot (yes screenshot) away 

    Press : "command key " + "shift key" +  "3" 

    Step 4 :Go to Science blog and upload your slides

    Friday, 24 January 2014

    Homework for 24 Jan 2014

    Presentation I&E (keynote, video, powerpoint, video) (Thursday)

    File the worksheets into Orange file and check answer for correction
    **Mr Desmond said that he going to do a random file check**

    Group assignment of math workbook (Chapter 2) ( Mon)

    Chinese Cinderella (S.T.E.A.L)

    做老师个的 worksheet

    The homework worksheet
    Post the cell research on the science blog

    Type in the questions in the Doc you shared with ms Ong.

    Thursday, 23 January 2014

    I believe that today stayback for class decor was not a good one, i hope you guys had prepared the materials  that are needed tomorrow, thus i would like you to put in your effort into this, thanks guys :)


    Presentation I&E (keynote, video, powerpoint, video)

    File the worksheets into Orange file and check answer for correction (tomorrow)

    **Mr Desmond said that he tomorrow going to do a random file check**

    Group assignment of math workbook (Chapter 2)( Mon)
    <comment below if you would like me to post the Question for u >

    做活动本 pg 8,9 (tomorrow)

    Check out the video (tomorrow)

    Wednesday, 22 January 2014

    Class decoration

    For the class decoration, if you would like to contribute some money in order to buy the coloured A3 paper, that would be great, but please tell me so before assembly as the bookshop will close at 2pm.
    Hi Guys ,
    Tomorrow could you stay back until 2.10(at least) and then you can stay as long as you want but must go home. For tomorrow you guys will decorate the classroom and if you have any idea, you can bring the materials needed. i believe ms wong and mr desmond has told us our grouping and which area we are suppose to decorate. Those who cannot stay back try to stay for 5-10min, but if really cannot at least contribute ideas to your group.
    Those are cannot stay back pls reply if this is an email at>  or comment below if you are reading on the blog
    Thanks for your cooperation and contribute
    By the way i will be leaving at 3pm so people who want to leave at 3pm , but make sure you decorate your class

    Wayne Chia 

    For the chinese Book:

    Please pay 5 dollars by thursday-23/1/14 or friday-24/1/14 to me.Bringing 5 dollars exactly if you can for convenience sake.
    Homework 22 Jan 2014

    做活动本 pg 8,9 (friday)

    Activity 2 (tomorrow)
    Go bio lab tomorrow

    Check out the video (Friday)

    Do Logo and post it on edmodo (tomorrow)

    Tuesday, 21 January 2014

    Homework for 21 jan


    • Class Tier B pg33
    • complete the ibook
    • 做课本 pg 8 and 9
    Voting close today last period, thoses who have not vote pls vote or i will HUNT YOU DOWN!!!!!

    Monday, 20 January 2014


    Register 3,12,15,19,21,22 and 23 please pay 90 cents by wednesday. Best to hand in the money on tuesday because i need to count the money to make sure the amount is correct. Thank you.


    This is for people who did not catch what mr desmond write on the board

    Voting for Goals & Mission

    Hello guys,

    State one choice each for Goals and Mission. If you make two choices for one category, your vote will be rejected, and you may have to repost.

    Do state your choices in the Comments section by 19 00 h tonight.


    We will uphold the S105 spirit and excel in all aspects

    To be the best S1 class not only in academics but also in character leadership

    To succeed and excel in academics while keeping in mind the importance of character.

    Better people for Better future


    We will strive for the better

    To be responsible young adult, driven to strive, learn and excel in academic results

    To be the best in what we do and striving for excellence while upholding a strong class community

    Soar high for a better future
    Homework for 20 Jan 2014

    • Jasper and carlin [Retest on tuesday 21 jan, 2pm at S106]
    • Minemap to summarise all of the oral communication(posture, breathing, pitch, pace, articulation, pause tone(PACC) . You may use poppet (legible) and pictures. (print)[articulation own research and end sound.p, b, t, d, k] (tomorrow)
    • Explore story bird
    • Math homework blog presentation mistake 
    • Do classwork Tier A and  Tier B pg 27 and 28 tomorrow on foolscap paper
    • Read pg 30
    • 做课本 pg 8 and 9 (Wednesday)

    • Presentation about cells on keynote


    • Pay 90 cent to either me or Joshua

    Wayne chia

    Saturday, 18 January 2014

    The following are the instructions to print your mindmap from POPPLET

    1.Change all of your word's font size to large
      You may do this by clicking on the bubble your words are in and click the large "A"
       Adjust you bubbles size by clicking on the small icons at the tip of the bubble

    2.  Change your background colour to white if you are printing it in black and white ,if you are printing your mindmap in colour , you may choose any colour of your choice 

    3. After adjusting your bubbles and changing your background colour (if necessary) click settings and then export .You should come across a small menu like this 

    4.Click export as JPEG and save it into your LD's desktop

    5. Open the saved file and click the "Command key" and the "P" key or click file then print, either way they should lead you to the print menu

    6.Customise how you want to print the mindmap 
    eg.If you want to print your mindmap Black and White, tick the Black and White box

    7. Remember to select the " print entire image " selection under the scale to fit selection 

    8.Remember to select landscape option the second button under "orientation" selection 

    9.Then click print 

    10:Your mindmap should look like :

    if you print your mindmap black and white 

    Hope this helps :D

    Is there is any enquiries email me :

    Just enter this into search for contacts bar :Marcus Lee Mun Seng

    Email me using your SST account 

    Do note I will only respond to emails before 3 as I have a family event to attend 
    See you in school :D 

    With regards ,


    Friday, 17 January 2014

    Homework for 17 Jan 2013

    -Presentation about cells on keynote (monday)

    -Jasper and carlin
    Restest on tuesday 21 jan, 2pm at S106

    -CC Quiz(el blog by monday)

    -Minemap to summarise all of the oral communication(posture, breathing, pitch, pace, articulation, pause tone(PACC) . You may use poppet (legible) and pictures.(print)[articulation own research and end sound.p,b,t,d,k]

    -Sunday night check El blog

    -进去Blog 做 “新同学, 新老师”

    Thursday, 16 January 2014

    Sorry for the late post as i was having a fever

    Homework for 16 jan 2014

    -Presentation(keynotes by monday)
    -cell model(tomorrow)
    -homework worksheet (tomorrow)

    -Jasper and carlin
    restest on tuesday 21 jan, 2pm at S106

    -CC Quiz(el blog by monday)

    -Minemap to summarise all of the oral communication(posture, breathing, pitch, pace, articulation, pause tone(PACC) . You may use poppet (legible) and pictures.(print)[articulation own research and end sound.p,b,t,d,k]

    -Sunday night check El blog

    -Tier a and b (pg16 and 17)
    -Tier c (optional)

    Wayne Chia

    Wednesday, 15 January 2014

    Homework for 15 Jan 2014

    Math(by Friday)
    -Tier A, B,(Pg 16 to 17)
    -Tier C (optional)

    -Microscope activity in notes (for those who have not complete)

    -Revise what teacher teach today

    -Answer Question in Edmodo

    -Read Chinese Cinderella

    -Try to answer all of in question in iBook Author
    -Type in your feeling of your friend talking while doing the project

    Wayne Chia

    Thursday, 9 January 2014

    Things to take note for Friday 10.1.2014

    Dear all 

    Please take note of the following reporting time for various events tomorrow:

    1) CCA Briefing and CCA Fair

    Venue: ISH and field
    Time: 3pm to 4.30pm

    There will be CCA briefing by Mr Lam for all Sec 1 at 2.00pm to 2.30pm at auditorium.  This will be followed by short performance by English Drama and Show Choir from 2.30pm to 3.00pm. Students will then proceed to the CCA Fair proper at ISH and Field.

    Please choose wisely!!

    2) Badge Night Presentation

    Venue: Classroom
    Time: Reporting time

    If you need to meet earlier to finalise your presentation, please let either me or Mr Desmond know.

    Thank you and looking forward to your presentations tomorrow!!

    Ms Wong

    Wednesday, 8 January 2014

    CE Journal Collection

    Hi Guys/Girls tomorrow when you pay me can you try your best to bring exactly $2.35? Thanks

    Class Matters

    This is a reminder for matters due this week.

    Remember to let your parents acknowledge the dental consent form and submit to us on Friday.

    Bring $2.35 for your CE Journal tomorrow. Joshua Yeow is appointed for this matter. All collections must be properly recorded on the class list, which I will give you during morning assembly tomorrow.

    Bring your progress report tomorrow. I will be collecting from the rest (who did not submit today) tomorrow.

    Class decoration for Badge Night must be done up by tomorrow. This will mean everyone must put in effort to do this job well.

    Ms Wong has posted in the previous post with regards to updating your parent's email address. You are reminded to do so by today.

    Go into your subject blogs to read about matters due before you sleep every night. Cultivate this good habit as a lot of information will be transmitted via these channels. 

    Tuesday, 7 January 2014

    Emails of your parents

    Dear all

    I would like you to check with your parents if they have received a welcome email from me as I have emails bouncing back to me. Please check through the list below and type in the updated emails.

    Emails of parents

    Thank you and have a great week ahead!!

    Ms Wong

    Monday, 6 January 2014

    Reflections 3


    My heartfelt congratulations to all of you in S1-05 for clinching the top prize for Amazing Race and overall champion for this orientation this year. We are really proud of you!

    I hope that through these games and activities that you participated in, you have learned about the importance of teamwork, leadership, commitment and responsibilities. All of you are born to be leaders!

    Post your reflection for Day 3 (6 January) in comments under this post.
    Due date: 7 January, 2359 h

    Reflections 2


    Post your reflection for Day 2 (3 January) in comments under this post.

    Due date: 6 January, 2359 h

    Reflections 1


    Post your reflection for Day 1 (2 January) in comments under this post.

    Due date: 6 January, 2359 h

    Saturday, 4 January 2014

    Preparation for Monday

    Hello S1-05!

    You are expected to report to Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) before 8.30 am for flag raising ceremony. You are to be in your SST Official Uniform and a pair of covered shoes.

    As tomorrow will be the last day of your orientation, it will be very fun. But before you get all excited, there are items that I need you to bring.
    - Learning Device (LD)
    - Stationery
    - Writing materials
    - Extra pair of shoes
    - Money
    - Water bottle
    - Extra set of clothes (Primary School PE attire)

    Be punctual!

    Shreyas is expected to send in your Cyber Wellness Poster to Lovy Lim ( by 11.59 pm on Sunday.

    The egg drop video has been uploaded! You may wish to click "Kodak Moments" to view it. All of you managed to save Humpty Dumpty without even a single crack.

    I know many of you are first time users on the Macintosh platform. It is quite different from Windows and you may have a hard time adjusting to it. Fret not for the Internet is always a saviour! I am going to share a link below on how you can better use your Learning Device.


    Take some time over this weekend to read through and test it out, though not all are applicable to you.

    I hope all of you are enjoying your weekends. See you on Monday!

    Mr. Desmond Peh

    Friday, 3 January 2014

    Before The Week Ends...


    As promised, the wireless configuration for your Learning Devices (LDs) is seen below. Do set up your device properly before Monday.

    I have assigned two representatives to collect your contact details. Ensure that you submit to them if you want a copy.

    The details required are:
    - Name
    - Contact Number
    - SST Email Address

    I know all you eager S1-05 students are wondering if we are going to create a WhatsApp group. After much formal discussion with Ms Wong, we have decided that... YES WE WILL! It will take some time for the group to set up, so be patient okay?

    You are once again reminded to fill up the Google Doc form via the link pasted to you. Your attendance will be compulsory unless valid reasons are submitted. Your parents are strongly encouraged to attend class sharing and badge night.

    You can view your class schedule via the Student Blog. It will be essential for you to make sure your subject materials are ready.

    Enjoy your weekends for now!

    Mr Desmond Peh

    Free Thermometers for everyone!!

    Hi all

    The school has gotten great gifts for you all. Yes, you do not need to buy or bring your own thermometers on 7th Jan 2014.

    Ms Wong

    New Pages

    Hi all

    I have inserted a few pages to organise our class blog information. Do check regularly for any updates!

    Ms Wong

    Thursday, 2 January 2014

    Your First Day In S1-05

    Hello S1-05!

    First of all, welcome to the big family! I hope you had fun and got to know a lot of new friends. The fun does not stop here, more to come in the upcoming days!

    But for now, pay attention to the following things.

    Jot down these important dates in your notebook.

    7 January: Temperature Taking
    - Bring your thermometer

    10 January: Badge Night
    - Go to the website (on the given paper) and fill it up tonight

    As mentioned by Ms Wong, tomorrow will be a really fun-filled day! Make sure you are well-equipped for tomorrow for many challenges lies ahead!

    Report to Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) before 7.30 am for attendance taking. Ensure that you have placed a book inside your bag now.

    These are the compulsory items to bring for tomorrow:
    - Stationery
    - Notepad
    - Extra pair of shoes
    - Money
    - Water bottle
    - Extra set of clothes
    - Sunblock Lotion / Cap (Optional)

    Do not bring your Learning Device (LD) tomorrow!

    Just a little reminder for those who are not able to fit into the orientation shirts given out today, you are to bring your PRIMARY SCHOOL PE ATTIRE.

    Remember to buy your house T-shirt. Look at the list below to find out your house allocation and make sure you get the correct colour.

    There will be a photo-taking session scheduled for all Secondary 1 students. Look smart, look good!

    Should you have any issues, do feel free to drop us an email. 

    For now, adios! I will see you tomorrow!

    Mr. Desmond Peh

    Welcome to SST S1-05!!

    Dear all,
    Welcome to the S1-05 family!