Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hi Guys ,
Tomorrow could you stay back until 2.10(at least) and then you can stay as long as you want but must go home. For tomorrow you guys will decorate the classroom and if you have any idea, you can bring the materials needed. i believe ms wong and mr desmond has told us our grouping and which area we are suppose to decorate. Those who cannot stay back try to stay for 5-10min, but if really cannot at least contribute ideas to your group.
Those are cannot stay back pls reply if this is an email at>  or comment below if you are reading on the blog
Thanks for your cooperation and contribute
By the way i will be leaving at 3pm so people who want to leave at 3pm , but make sure you decorate your class

Wayne Chia 


  1. Ok will be leaving at 2.30 pm because i have to attend to something. If we need any A4 coloured paper, i will contribute some to the class(if needed). please bring tape and scissors too. I was thinking of a nature design.

  2. I can't report at 1:35, I got a test after school, I can come later, will stay there until 3:30.

  3. Justin why is compulsory to stay for at least awhile...

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