Saturday, 25 January 2014

How to post slides on the science blog

Hey guys,
The following steps are how to post your slides on the Science Blog

Note:You can't upload JPEG files onto blogger (not that I am aware off)

Step1. Export your  "keynote" to JPEG file
           Go to file ,click export as JPEG
           (The tabs are already highlighted in silver

Click onto your choice settings for your PDF file when prompted too ,then click next 

Step 2 .You should get a PDF file somewhere on your desktop or folder your presentation is in 

Step 3 Open the file and screenshot (yes screenshot) away 

Press : "command key " + "shift key" +  "3" 

Step 4 :Go to Science blog and upload your slides


  1. How to switch from microsoft powerpoint to keynote

  2. thanks marcus, but my slides has animations in it, so the words are overlapped.

  3. @carlin you can use my method