Saturday, 18 January 2014

The following are the instructions to print your mindmap from POPPLET

1.Change all of your word's font size to large
  You may do this by clicking on the bubble your words are in and click the large "A"
   Adjust you bubbles size by clicking on the small icons at the tip of the bubble

2.  Change your background colour to white if you are printing it in black and white ,if you are printing your mindmap in colour , you may choose any colour of your choice 

3. After adjusting your bubbles and changing your background colour (if necessary) click settings and then export .You should come across a small menu like this 

4.Click export as JPEG and save it into your LD's desktop

5. Open the saved file and click the "Command key" and the "P" key or click file then print, either way they should lead you to the print menu

6.Customise how you want to print the mindmap 
eg.If you want to print your mindmap Black and White, tick the Black and White box

7. Remember to select the " print entire image " selection under the scale to fit selection 

8.Remember to select landscape option the second button under "orientation" selection 

9.Then click print 

10:Your mindmap should look like :

if you print your mindmap black and white 

Hope this helps :D

Is there is any enquiries email me :

Just enter this into search for contacts bar :Marcus Lee Mun Seng

Email me using your SST account 

Do note I will only respond to emails before 3 as I have a family event to attend 
See you in school :D 

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