Monday, 10 February 2014

Homework for 10 Feb 2014

Minemap for english on stories (friday)
  1. Setting (5 senses)
  2. S.t.e.a.l fame work
  3. introduction hook
  4. conclusion
  5. Check the El 
Draft (tomorrow) 
(It is NOT a COMPO)
Plan a draft for the following:
Write about the events that have made someone your hero.

You will be required to produce :
- a hook

- well developed paragraphs
- good description of characters (using the S.T.E.A.L. framework)
- a memorable conclusion
- adjective

Alternative Assessment this coming thursday 13, feb

IH (tomorrow i guess)
Read Pg 74 to 79 to the textbook
Sketch out a Tropical Forest

Chinese (tomorrow)
Character Worksheet for  第二课 《我的邻桌方大鹏》
Go to the pbworks and do the character thingy (if you have not do)

CE (monday)
Produce a SKIT on the 10Cs (according which Cs you are assigned to)

Science ( i will email mr ng regrading the deadline and i will update again)
I believe Mr ng has sent you guys an email
if not it is below

Dear all,

this is to give you the heads-up that we are near completion or would have completed the topic of Digestion and Respiration. 

Please start doing your homework during your free time. We expect to collect and go through the homework soon.



  1. Wayne, not to be rude and no offence intended, but you spelt mindmap wrongly. Its mindmap, not minemap. Sorry in advance and thanks.

  2. Wayne, are you living in your own month?
    because this month is February not January.