Wednesday, 12 February 2014

IH Homework for 12 Feb: (Especially for those who were ushering and missed IH Lesson)

Scan your sketching of the tropical rainforest and insert it into Chapter 4 of Tropical Rainforest in your ibooks Author.

Do task 3 and 4 of chapter four in your ibooks Author

*Super Important*:

For those who have not changed your chapter 1-3 from Iba to Pdf (the one you placed in the IH folder in google drive), please do so by tomorrow morning at 8am. Failure to do so will be followed by a severe consecuence. Mr. Yeo will make pupils who do not submit the chapter 1-3 in Pdf form stay back with him until 6.30pm tomorrow. He is also going to follow Mr. Desmond's Homework Policy from now on. He will also be stricter from today onwards.

Mr. Yeo has emphasised on the changing of Iba to Pdf for a very long time already. I, the vice chairperson, has also told the class about this yesterday after recess and at the start of ICT lesson. Please make sure the pupils who have not done so, do it by tomorrow, 8am in the morning.

Deadline for the other IH homework is the next IH lesson.

Sorry for the late post as i had CCA this afternoon.

Thank you and Have a nice day!

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  1. What is the other IH homework?
    I was a usher today