Thursday, 13 February 2014

Homework: 13 Feb

Mindmap for english on stories (friday)
  1. Setting (5 senses)
  2. S.T.E.A.L fame work
  3. introduction hook
  4. conclusion
  5. Check the El Blog for more infomation

Pls also prepare the vocab bk

page 32 - 34 (Basic)

Question 1 c, d
Question 2 h, k, l
Question 4 d, i, j, l
Question 5 g
Question 6 a, d, e
Question 9 a, d
Question 11 b, c
Question 12 b, d, f

There are a few important things I like to emphasise.

1) This homework is to be submitted on FRIDAY, BEFORE 1.15 PM.
2) All necessary workings are to be shown.
3) Do your work neatly.

You are to note that the HOMEWORK POLICY STILL APPLIES.

Corrections for the worksheets
The answers for Approximation & Estimation, the solutions for the Tiers A, B and C are uploaded.

Pls signup for TOPIC 3 REVIEW is AGAIN
OPEN TILL 7am tomorrow

Math Viva Voce
(Due 21 Feb 2014)
See the Picture >>>>>>>
If it is not sent in your email

Ace Learning Quiz 
2pm to 10pm

S&W(Next lesson)
Do the checklist for the hurdles videos

Produce a SKIT on the 10Cs (according which Cs you are assigned to)

Post the mindmap on the blog

Marcus massage IN CASE you did not RECEIVE

Pls adhere to the Duty Roster's schedule.

I am very upset at some who just ran off not completing their duties( this does not go to all but to the minority who did not stay back to complete their duties)

I believe that I have shared with both the duty roster and duty roster information sheet 

I , once again , hope all will adhere to the schedule and the rules stated in the information sheet 

Finally , a reminder to those who did not complete their duties are expected to stay back tomorrow and clean the classroom with the pupils who are down for duty 

Pupils who fail to complete their duties 3 or more times are subjected to punishment by Ms Wong and/or Mr Desmond

Pls Gather st ISH 

*Any homework that i have miss out pls comment below


  1. tell the class to prepare their vocabulary books and files by next week as Ms Alex will start to check them.

  2. I and E the posting of your notes and mind map etc..

  3. A what are the things in the S.T.E.A.L framework?

  4. I am JOSHUA

  5. I am a MARTION

  6. I command you people to lead me to your leader!!!!