Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Discussion: Type of Learners

Hello S1-05!

I hope you have enjoyed the CE lessons on the three types of learners.
- Auditory Learners
- Visual Learners
- Kinesthetic Learners

Auditory Learners: Hear
Auditory learners would rather listen to things being explained than read about them. Reciting information out loud and having music in the background may be a common study method. Other noises may become a distraction resulting in a need for a relatively quiet place. 

Visual Learners: See
Visual learners learn best by looking at graphics, watching a demonstration, or reading. For them, it's easy to look at charts and graphs, but they may have difficulty focusing while listening to an explanation. 

Kinesthetic Learners: Touch
Kinesthetic learners process information best through a "hands-on" experience. Actually doing an activity can be the easiest way for them to learn. Sitting still while studying may be difficult, but writing things down makes it easier to understand. 

And for the last part of CE lessons, do share your DO's and DON'Ts of a conducive learning environment by commenting on this post.


  1. Not to make noise as the Auditory and Kinesthetic learners will be affect. Do not on your LD unnecessarily as the visual and Kinesthetic learners will be affected

  2. DO's:
    Do read a book or do your homework during period change and be quiet.
    Do keep while the teacher is speaking.
    Do ask more question when doubt as our marks have been deproving.

    Don't talk during lesson change.
    Don't talk but instead listen to teacher during class time to reduce noise.
    Don't walk about during class to help the visual learners.

  3. DO's:
    Class could be quieter when doing work.
    Pay close attention to the teacher.
    Keep quiet or speak softly when there is a period change.
    Help each other when in doubt.(One for all,all for one)

    Less noise when teacher is talking.
    No using of LDs unless teacher needs it for learning purposes.
    No noise during period change.
    Stop doing other stuff when teacher is teaching.

  4. DOs:
    Keep Quiet
    Listen to Teacher
    Ask questions

    Talking in class/ during periods breaks
    Walk around

  5. DOs: Keep quiet,ask questions,be responsible

    DON'Ts: Talk in class, ask rhetorical questions,and disrupt lessons

  6. DOs: Don't be noisy

    DON'Ts: Don't do your homework and teacher have to waste more time marking.

  7. DOs: Maintain a silent environment so that others may pay attention to the lesson, Read a book between periods when the teacher has not arrived

    DON'Ts: Talk loudly, Ask rhetorical questions and waste lesson time, Walk around and disturb your friends during period change

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  9. Dos: Hand in your homework in time. Pay attention in class.
    Don'ts: Interrupt the class to ask questions, only ask after the teacher has finished talking. Talk without raising your hand first.

  10. DO's:
    1)Keep quiet to let everyone enjoy learning.
    2)Pay attention in class even if you do not like the subject.
    3) complete all homework on time
    4)As much as possible, focus all the time.
    1)make unnecessary noise.
    2)Sleep or do anything distracting.
    3)interrupt the teacher
    4)waste precious lesson time

  11. DO:
    1) Try not to make so much noise during class
    2) Ask people who are noisy to be quiet
    DO NOT:
    1) Make sudden movements during classes
    2) Walk about during lessons
    3) Make weird noises during lessons

  12. DO:
    - Try to tell people to keep quiet when they are making too much noise.
    - Be more aware to the surroundings.
    - Hand in homework late.

  13. Don't : keep on shouting 'keep quiet'
    Do's : Just keep quiet

  14. Do's: Pay attention and focus on what we are learning instead of wasting lesson time talking non related topic .
    Don't : Hand in homework late , talking about unrelated things to that period that we are having

  15. Do's: Do listen attentively to the teacher whom is giving the lesson.
    Don't: Speak of unnecessary things and don't talk when the teacher is giving lesson and do not hand in homework late.