Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Homework for 15 April 2014

Yes....i know who must be wondering why i am posting homework, i have requested to post homework for you and it is approved by mr desmond. Morgan will be posting on mondays as i go home later, whereas the following days i will be posting so... :)

Dear students,
I am down with a throat infection and would appreciate it if you could do the following activity in my absence:

Vocabulary Building Activity
1) Disseminate the latest copy of iThink that is on the Teacher's table I believe.
2) Turn to page 11 where there's an article on online gaming.
3) Select a minimum of ten words (and sentences where you found them) that you will include is your vocabulary book.  Do not choose words where the meanings have been found for you.
4) Go online and look for suitable meanings for these words, paying close attention to the word form and context as discussed before.

Please complete this by the end of the lesson.

Thank you.

Ms Alex

Take and do the worksheet at the staffroom class pigeonhole
In case you do not know where Here is a layout (thurs)

Do finish everything (Mon)


Ibooks insert image, add water resources and map reading and stuff (by 2 weeks time)

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  1. Jasper Lye 黎元勋4/15/2014 2:47 pm

    Thanks wayne for still putting up the homework as a friend

  2. Thanks for taking the initiative to post homework on the blog even though your no longer an exco member.Thanks Wayne!
    I really appreciate it. And you missed out your homework for Science.Remember? We have to fill in all the blanks we have skipped during lesson by ourselves before we submit the worksheet for marking.

    1. no, that one mr teng went through with us already

    2. No Wayne, you are suppose to fill up the blanks that Mr Teng did not go through with us

    3. The blank is to be filled up and filled into the science file based on whatever Mr Teng had gone through