Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Recycling Bin Matters

As you all know, today's meeting has failed as all of us started talking and nobody is paying attention to what Marcus is talking. So I strongly encourage everyone to think of new ideas at home and sketch it out if possible. Then tomorrow we will stay back as a class and discuss about it. Register 1 will speak first, then followed by 2 and so on. If you do not have any ideas, the only way to contribute to this is to be quiet. Remember, one person will speak at a time and nobody will shout "BE QUIET!" or whatever. If we all can co-operate and work together as a class, we will spent less than 15min.
If you cannot stay back, pls write it in the comments. Thank you.


  1. Tomorrow I have training, it starts at 2:30. If the 15 mins plan works and not dragged up for more than 30mins. I will be able to stay for the full meeting.

  2. Same as Joshua and Carlin.