Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Just A Reminder

To ensure that you do not get into any avoidable trouble, please try to do these things before every common test.
Try to bring a ziplock bag as your pencil case for the four tests or bring a transparent bag. 
Check that you have at least 3 pens with the same ink before each test.
Use only a pen when writing answers during the common test.
Sharpen pencils in case you need to draw graphs.
Get the SST approved sticker for you dictionary and calculator if you do not have one.

English: Go through English file.
Chinese: Make sure that you are clear of every point on the checklist which is on PBworks
Math: Go through the Math file and the notebook that you used to record what Mr Desmond taught during class
Science: Go through both of the files.

Lastly, study hard but do not over stress yourself and get enough sleep. :) 

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